Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Amazing Journey

I remember when I started this blog years ago with my dog portraits. If you had told me that I would have one of my images on the cover of a book, I would have said great and smiled dismissively. If you told me it would be Billy Collins, I would have said that you are out your mind.

I don't measure success in a commercial way, but by how happy doing this work makes me feel. When it makes others happy and it enriches their lives, that is a great side effect. This portrait was made for my enjoyment of creative expression and not for commercial gain.

I celebrate the fact that I made this image by the process of which I made all of the creative choices from start to finish.

Now that to me is pure poetry.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Built to Last Exhibition at Gravy Studio Philadelphia, PA

If you didn't have a chance to hear me speak at Gravy's Design Philadelphia event on 10/12/13, you can check out my interview here.

View this post on Instagram Along with my recent cover @the_bark_mag , I was also given a feature article. Some new work...