Thursday, January 26, 2012

Head First

I am always looking for ways to hone and distill my style down to what I think its essence might be. Here, with Suky’s image, I took away everything else environmentally and concentrated on my subject and how the light was playing upon her. I didn’t have any other distractions that an out door environment would pose and had the luxury of waiting for the precise moment to get the image that I had thought about beforehand.

There are more of these to come along with a new website. Stay Tuned!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pets Doing Bad Things

In reference to pets doing bad things, here we have Taco and Hoagy in a piece entitled "Hoagy's Revenge". We wanted to portray what happened after that perfect Kodak moment and everything got totally out of hand.

With my projects, I am always trying to push the envelope. This is important to me because it keeps things fresh and it attracts clients who want something new and different. Like tasty samples at a grocery store, they want to have an idea of what they are getting  before taking that leap of faith.

What inspired the idea is that I always hear owners talking about the mischievous things that their little trouble makers do. I love the idea of a series like this but I'm starved for ideas. What does your little angel do when they think you're not looking?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

To the Max

Here we have Maximum. His portrait was done on a cold day in December just before sunset. It’s important to me that the portraits that I do have a heroic quality or pay an homage in some way or another. With smaller breeds, I’m at a very low angle to give them a larger than life quality. This means I’m lying on the ground and in freezing temperatures and the magic is that one has no idea of the difficulty. It looks a like a portrait done on a perfectly beautiful afternoon. A big thanks to Peter & Virgil for commissioning me to do this special portrait.

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