Thursday, July 1, 2010

The great indoors: Henry the 2nd

This is Henry. I am referring to him as the 2nd because we have Henry the cat in a previous post.

I am continuing my indoor series here and it is one of my most distilled down portraits to date. About the only prop that I have here is the banister. Their is nothing else to distract the eye and more than ever, the subject and quality of light are so vital and they must be strong. It also helped that Henry was so malleable and statuesque. This was done at the owner's home and the portrait might hang on the same wall used as the background. I'll post a picture if it does.

Next up: people,  a couple of dogs and a trip to Longwood Gardens.

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  1. Hi Andy:

    I was so excited to show my owners this portrait you took of me. I've been telling them how smart I am but I'm not sure they believed me! Now with your amazing touch, I look down right elegant and more sophisticated than I thought was possible!

    I've marked the wall where they should hang the portrait so you can come back and photograph it in place. Thanks again.

    Your pal,


    PS: don't forget to bring more biscuits..lick!


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