Thursday, January 5, 2012

To the Max

Here we have Maximum. His portrait was done on a cold day in December just before sunset. It’s important to me that the portraits that I do have a heroic quality or pay an homage in some way or another. With smaller breeds, I’m at a very low angle to give them a larger than life quality. This means I’m lying on the ground and in freezing temperatures and the magic is that one has no idea of the difficulty. It looks a like a portrait done on a perfectly beautiful afternoon. A big thanks to Peter & Virgil for commissioning me to do this special portrait.


  1. Hi Andrew - I haven't been by in a while. This photograph of Maximum is so wonderful. I am also intrigued with your new bird series. Best wishes for your new year and your new projects.

    1. Thanks for checking in Moira and happy that you like my latest work.
      I'm so sorry to hear about Darby's passing but glad that he is no longer in any pain.


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